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Ceramic Enamels

Faïenceries Algeriennes produces Glass Frits in different forms: in powder and granules of different types:

The necessary raw materials undergo a micronization at our level with a fine powder crusher.

A formulation of materials is performed automatically, weighed and then sent by pneumatic transport to a dry mixer. This homogeneous mixture obtained is introduced into a continuous melting furnace by a worm. Cooked between 1350 and 1460 ° C, the glass frit is evacuated by a pouring mouth. The stream is then immersed in cold water which crystallizes almost instantaneously with the formation of crystals or flakes of glass frits packaged in big bags. Different types of frits exist (white, opaque, crystalline …) for different applications.

The enamels (engobes) that we produce are in the form of powder and granules of different types and qualities. These products are mixtures of frits and mineral raw materials. They are used in 1st or 2nd layer during enameling of the ceramic tile.
The engobes are formulated by an automatic dosing system. Storage silos containing the necessary materials dump the quantities weighed into the big bags.

Download the data sheets of our different types of frit in PDF