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1969 1969 It all started with a small family business producing 8 × 20 black skirting boards, The company was founded by Said ZETCHI.
1980 1980 In the 1980s, the company knew its first evolution by diversifying its production with the manufacture of wall tiles size 20 × 20 screenprinted.
1990 1990 Thanks to the determination of its leaders, Faïenceries Algeriennes knows an exponential evolution until the acquisition in the 1990s, of their first hydraulic presses and their first furnaces which allowed the increase of capacities and production.
1993 1993 From 1993, the company expanded its activity by launching in precision mechanics with SATRAM. This mold regeneration activity for the ceramic industry is still unique in Algeria.The ambition to invest the upstream sector and to constantly increase its integration rate, led the company’s managers to acquire mining concessions in order to exploit locally the deposits of raw materials (clays and kaolin in particular).
2009 2009 Still with the goal to increase its independence within its foreign suppliers, Faïenceries Algeriennes produces since 2009 frits and glazes, essential to the phase of enameling of its tiles. This activity enables a large number of local glass and ceramics industries to supply locally enamels, with productivity gains linked to the increasing availability and lower cost of these previously imported raw materials.
2010 2010 The technical progress and the upgrading of the production tool led the company to acquire digital printers for ceramic tiles in the 2010s, and to generalize this technology for all of its production units. This innovative technique reproduces all types of design and tones on all types of flooring.

Algerian earthenware is the story of a family business that has become a national and independent flagship. By promoting investment in both human and financial capital and maintaining a high level of innovation, Faïenceries Algeriennes is today the undisputed leader in the ceramic tile industry in Algeria.